My position at the RRTTC has provided me with far more than I had expected coming in.  Not only have I gained valuable work experience concerning research, program development, and community services, I felt encouraged to become a better, more well-rounded student. Jenny Bruss and Dr. Zeman allowed me to become involved in projects that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise and I really appreciate it.

Nicole Petri 
Research Assistant, RRTTC 


Working with MTS has given me a ''hands on'' learning experience that you can't receive from lecture classes. This learning opportunity is extremely beneficial to my educational experience.

Eric Hass
Materials Innovations Assistant, MIS


My job experience with the RRTTC has offered me the foundation of practical work environment necessary for any work place. The knowledge and skills I have acquired are beneficial for my future academic pursuits.

Israel Msengi
Graduate Assistant, RRTTC


Working at the RRTTC redirected my educational path. It helped me to realize that a career in the environmental marketing field is the direction I would like to pursue.

Leslie Rash
Research Assistant, RRTTC


I feel the RRTTC has given and continues to give students priceless opportunities at UNI; gaining experience in an area of interest is a benefit to any student who has the opportunity to work for the RRTTC.

Katie Venter
Research Assistant, RRTTC


Working at the RRTTC has given me the opportunity of gaining first-hand experience with environmental issues and also equipped me with scientific skills that will be beneficial for my future career.

Patricia Teran Yengle
Research Assistant, RRTTC


Because we had the test results in hand and were able to immediately give them to the customer (as you know the UV test takes a long time to complete) we got the initial order almost immediately.

Jim Hoffman
CEO, Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls


MTS is invaluable to use. We haven't known about their capabilities but for about 10 months, but in that short time they have done extensive testing for us. The use of recycled products is increasing for us and MTS personnel have great knowledge in this area. We will be using them in the future.

Scott Hottle
Plant Engineer, Standard Golf


By having tested our products for strength and UV weathering by your laboratory, we were able to gain immediate (and follow-up) order from another of your clients in Iowa.

Jim Hoffman
CEO, Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls


When our testing is complete than our product will have unsupported data and warranty will be issued (on product).

Gary Damon
Owner, Damon Enterprises


MTS assisted with improving on existing product through extensive testing. Several of these involved existing testing procedures, but on one of these test requirements, MTS personnel developed testing procedure and apparatus required.

Scott Hottle
Plant Engineer, Standard Golf


My job experience with the RRTTC will provide me with more experience and diversity. This will expand my professional background and provide learning experiences invaluable to a future career in health education.

Michelle Cook
Graduate Assistant, RRTTC


I have been fortunate to meet many international students at the RRTTC. These students show great interest in their environmental projects and how they involve themselves in the program.

Loretta Dominguez
Research Assistant, RRTTC


The RRTTC has a good working environment that is conducive to learning in a positive way. I have become more knowledgeable and prudent regarding recycling and the environment.

Sangmin Kim
Graduate Assistant, RRTTC


Undergraduate research has become, in recent years, an integral part of undergraduate education and learning at UNI and the RRTTC. As a result, the student will hopefully better understand what the phrase, ''life-long learners'' really means and how that will be important to them throughout their lifetime.

Dr. Duane Bartak
Professor of Chemistry, UNI


I am working on a ''Value Added'' project that will study the energy saved by recycling. It has been a pleasure working on this project with the RRTTC! I believe conserving energy and utilizing renewable sources of energy is extremely important for the future.

Patricia Higby
Program Assistant and Education Coordinator, Center for Energy and Environmental Education; UNI


In my research I work with a Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometer which provides us with a method of studying atmospheric and combustion processes. In this research I have been evaluating the gas-phase reactions of furan and iron in an attempt to reduce the harmful emission produced during the combustion of biomaterials. Recently I have also been looking at levoglucosan, which is used as a tracer molecule during combustion of cellulose containing fuels such as corn stover and switchgrass. These all have important environmental implications. In addition, doing research at UNI has helped me to develop better analytical skills.

Kate Liebold
Research Assistant, UNI Chemistry Department


Working as an RRTTC intern with West Liberty Foods to help create and update their Environmental Management Systems Manual has provided me with valuable experience regarding EPA and OSHA regulations for food manufacturing facilities. It has been an informative learning experience for me.

Beth Guernsey
Graduate Assistant, RRTTC, Intern, West Liberty Foods


Working with RRTTC staff on an RRTTC funded project gave me the opportunity to perform the research needed to complete the requirements for my degree. However, this undertaking proved to be much more than just another research project. The research project was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. The scientific skills acquired during this learning experience have been a tremendous asset in my professional career. I truly wish that every student had the opportunity to participate in a project of this caliber.

Rick Bauer
Professional Associate for Pollution Prevention Engineering, Indiana Clean Manufacturing Technology & Safe


Being a member of the RRTTC Advisory Board has been a great experience for me personally. It has allowed me to expand my horizons beyond my personal area of expertise and to see how multiple academic disciplines apply to the recycling industry. reviewing projects and proposals. I feel that the greatest achievement to date has been the establishment of the Material Testing Service. The MTS has allowed the academic community to interface in a proactive way with the Industrial sector to find practical solutions to difficult recycling and reuse issues.
The MTS and the research projects supported by the RRTTC have made the RRTTC and invaluable resource for the State of Iowa.

Mick Barry
Vice President, Mid America Recycling, Des Moines


Working with the RRTTC has helped me to improve my research skills as I move forward with my educational career.

Grace Lartey
Graduate Assistant, RRTTC ('01-'02)


The RRTTC serves as an invaluable resource to Iowa Recycling Association members through the research and testing provided by Center staff. As an advisory board member, I am always excited to see and hear about the practical applications of the research and the industry applications of the testing that helps push recycling technologies forward.

Dewayne Johnson
Executive Director, Iowa Recycling Association


I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work at the RRTTC. I know that the time that I have spent and the experience that I have gained here will provide still more benefits in the future.

Tracy Wollin
Graduate Student, UNI


For my grant writing class at UNI, the RRTTC served as my "sponsor organization." For my project, I developed a direct mail campaign, fundraiser, and worked on a recycling education grant proposal for the RRTTC. In doing this, I have gained practical experience that has enabled me to build on and utilize skills that I already possess. Working with this organization was a wonderful opportunity, which allowed me to gain another perspective of working in the environmental field from a different angle.

Kim Lindolph
Masters in Public Policy (2002), UNI


…Thank you for your expedient test results of the material I delivered to you…also for working on the cost share…I've told others about your work and look forward to a continued relationship with you and UNI.

Lyle Meyer
CEO, Engineered Rubber Products


My RRTTC internship gave me the opportunity to see one of the many dilemmas that face the county health departments. With constant growth developments in many small towns and cities across our country, this on-site system situation will be an ever-growing problem. I am sure this internship experience will assist me in my future employment opportunities.

Naomi Bienfang
Graduate Student, UNI