Pieer 2017 UNI Day at the Capital

UNI Day at the Capital

Iowa Capitol Building

Monday, February, 13th, 2017

11:00a.m. -2  p.m.

PIEER traveled to the Iowa capitol building in Des Moines Iowa on Monday, February 13th, along with many other University of Northern Iowa organizations to promote and share our role and activity on campus. Members who attended the event included, Leslie Fink, Julie Grunkee, Tyler Dursky, and Amanda Hunt. The event provided the opportunity for PIEER members to speak directly with state legislators, UNI alumni, prospective students, and tourists of the capitol building. Information PIEER promoted and displayed included Pollinators and Water Quality, current social justice issues, information about food forests, current plants to create a food forest on campus, key ideas of the book Abundance, and how we benefit campus and our members.

An estimated 20-30 people stopped by PIEER’s table during the event. Julie Grunkee briefly spoke with 3 legislators including Pat Grassley, and two other state representatives about current issues PIEER is involved with. Tyler spoke briefly with Tod Bowman, a state representative from Jackson County, and shared information about PIEER’s role at UNI. Various UNI alumni and UNI faculty also stopped by PIEER’s table, and initiated good conversation about the UNI community and creating potential partnerships. The Industrial Tech Center was especially interested with partnering with PIEER in the future.