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Start New Habits Now

Posted September 12, 2018
A simple way to add sustainable habits in your life now is to look at your daily routine.

By looking at your daily routine you can find simple ways to incorporate sustainable substitutes for things like your morning coffee, your daily hydration, your lunch or snacks. We have put together of list of ideas for you to try incorporating into your life. List of sustainable habits.

RA Programs

Posted April 25, 2018

Sign up for an RA Program with the RRTTC! We offer an opportunity for Resident Assistants and their houses to learn more about sustainability practices on campus and how students can be involved. We can also do an interactive activity for residents including DIY crafts! View photos from previous events. Contact to discuss a program with our staff and view a complete list of activities for the RA program.

Partnership Opportunity

Posted April 25, 2018

Have an idea for a sustainable initiative or project? Want to partner with the RRTTC? Fill out the RRTTC Partnership Application.