List of Sustainable Habits

Coffee Mugs

Get a reusable mug for your coffee. Not only do you save money by using the same mug each time, but you also get discounted refills on campus!!

Reusable Waterbottles

Save money and use a reusable water bottle instead of buying the plastic ones. There are 65 water bottle refill stations on UNI's campus, so don't worry about not having water!


Tupperware is the perfect way to transport lunch and snacks in! Prepackaged snacks contribute a lot to the landfills, so don't buy them. Throw it in a container instead! Buying a bigger package of tupperware will be more cost effective!

Local Food Sources

Check out these local farmers markets if you haven't already! If you buy locally you can reduce carbon footprints since the food isn't brought in from across the country. Along with that, food purchased locally has a longer shelf life since it is just recently picked. Buy locally to help reduce food waste. 

The Cedar Falls Farmers Market is every Saturday through October 8:30-Noon. 

The College Hill Farmers Market is Thursday afternoons through October from 4-6PM. 

The Waterloo Urban Farmers Market is Saturday mornings through October from 8-Noon. 

If you are looking for for delicious and fresh foods near you, check out this local food directory

Reduce Water Use

Try to reduce your shower time by 2 minutes! For a 10 minute shower, 50 gallons of water are used. Just by reducing that by 2 minutes you would save 10 gallons of water each time!