Green: What Does it Mean? Exploring Our Sustainable Community

Green: What Does it Mean? Exploring our Sustainable Community event reached over 900 area 9th grade students in 2012. Over 30 local organizations join together to provide educational lessons, hands-on activities, classroom presentations and recreational experiences to encourage sustainability habits and lifestyles for a brighter future and provide insight into new and undiscovered ideas. The following programs and activities are ways in which the event meets over 50 benchmarks in Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, 21st Century Skills and Physical Education as dictated by the Iowa Core Curriculum:

  • Biology, Chemistry,Ecology Careers
  • Metal Casting
  • GPS System Education
  • Water Testing & Reclamation
  • Canoeing and Archery
  • Outdoor Survival Techniques
  • Solar & Wind Energy
  • Recycling Services
  • Energy Usage & Alternatives
  • Storm Water Run Off Education
  • Organic Produce
  • Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation