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Life Long University option this fall

Posted August 26, 2021

Join us in the garden for three sessions this fall starting Sept 14th - includes lunch!Where does my food come from

Join us for Solve Climate 2030 event

Posted March 29, 2021

solve climate 2030CLICK FOR REGISTRATION



















Book Read: Sustainable Business in Iowa

Posted December 16, 2019

We are excited for the opportunity to bring a green business book read to you! " Sustainable Business in Iowa" will help create a culture of sustainable business principles in Iowa's next business leaders, while encouraging employers to attract these innovators to advance Iowa's contribution to environmental and social stewardship. For more details and to register - Click here

RRTTC serves as a research, education and outreach center for the development of economical approaches to solving intractable solid waste problems, providing research and technical assistance on public health concerns as they relate to solid waste concerns.