UNI Day on the Hill

PIEER attended UNI day on the Hill; Monday, February 22nd. Here interns were able to interact with state representatives and senators as well as fellow UNI students and staff.



Joe and the other interns are excited about participating at UNI Day on the Hill.

Todays event was both beautiful and exciting. There were many UNI organizations also wanting to meet legislators.


Our goal was to draw legislators to our booth, to inform them about the work PIEER does and why it is important to care/fund these projects.

Operation Threshold Parent Fair

PIEER had a booth at Operations Threshold's parent fair, where families received a variety of information from several community health providers. PIEER was able to network with several of these providers as well and a couple of them are now distributing Julie's lead education flyers in their parent handout packets.

2016 Food and Film Festival

On March 5th the Waterloo Center for the Arts hosted a Food and Film Festival. PIEER was there to lend a hand with vendor check-in and also to host a booth  about the RRTTC's PIEER internships and MIS (Materials Innovations Service) program.


Community Outreach to Prevent Lead Poisoning

PIEER's graduate student Julie Grunklee speaks to parents about lead prevention at Head Start programs in the Waterloo area.

Also provided here is a LINK to an article published in the Courier detailing lead issues in Iowa's water supply while including information about what PIEER is doing to educate the community.



PIEER interns attended Provost Jim Wohlpart's community book read, which discussed Andrea Wulf's book, Invention of Nature. The book read group then discussed how communities benefit when they share ideas. PIEER also had a booth in the main Ballroom of Maucker Union where they networked with professors and other environmentally and socially supportive student groups.

RRTTC Advisory Board Meeting

On March 31st PIEER interns participated in the annual RRTTC advisory board meeting. Intern Andrea Errthum gave a presentation on the activities that PIEER has done and PIEER coordinator Julie Grunklee gave a summary of her work with lead awareness to the board members.

 Clean Tech Future

We participated in a community book read about the book, Clean Tech Nation, by Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder. The guest speaker was Dr. Mark Petri, the director of Iowa Energy Center in Ames. His discussion of Iowa's progress in wind and solar technology advances was very engaging and left us all with the message that we cannot rely solely on clean-technology leaders to make progress towards a green Iowa. We all must be responsible for making progressive change.

Earth Week's Guest Speaker Doug Cameron

We attended an RRTTC sponsored guest speaker presentation by Doug Cameron about venture capitalism. His company looks to invest in innovative clean technology ideas.


Earth Week's Creek Clean Up

We walked along Dry Run Creek with other volunteers through the RRTTC and picked up approximately four full garbage bags of trash out of the creek and surrounding woods.

 Earth Week Fair

PIEER had a booth at the Earth Week Fair outside Maucker Union. Our booth had a quiz about food waste and people could participate and win prizes.