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Here is what some of our past clients are saying about MIS:
(MIS) is invaluable to use. We haven't known about their capabilities but for about 10 months, but in that short time they have done extensive testing for us. The use of recycled products is increasing for us and (MIS) personnel have great knowledge in this area. We will be using them in the future.  

Scott Hottle, Plant Engineer, Standard Golf    
Because we had the test results in hand and were able to immediately give them to the customer (as you know the UV test takes a long time to complete) we got the initial order almost immediately.
Jim Hoffman, CEO, Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls  
(MIS) assisted with improving on existing product through extensive testing. Several of these involved existing testing procedures, but on one of these test requirements, (MIS) personnel developed (the) testing procedure and apparatus required.
Scott Hottle , Plant Engineer, Standard Golf  
"…Thank you for your expedient test results of the material I delivered to you…also for working on the cost share…I've told others about your work and look forward to a continued relationship with (MIS) and UNI"
Lyle Meyer, CEO, Engineered Rubber Products