• The Recycling and Reuse Technology Transfer Center

    “Promoting environmental sustainability through Research, Education and Outreach”

 The Recycling and Reuse Technology Transfer Center (RRTTC) is an interdisciplinary research, education and outreach center serving Regent university researchers and students, Iowa citizens, business and industry. Read More
  • Outreach Programs & Activites

    The RRTTC develops and implements several environmental education outreach programs to serve various focus groups both at the University of Northern Iowa and in the community. Read More
  • Materials Innovation Services

    The Materials Innovation Service, located in the Department of Industrial Technology at the University of Northern Iowa, is a joint program between the Recycling and Reuse Technology Transfer Center, and the UNI Metal Casting Center. The UNI Metal Casting Center is a nationally recognized leader in foundry research, applied technology, and technical business assistance. Read More
  • Grants & Publications

    The RRTTC promotes sound environmental research and the establishment of new technologies through its competitive grants program. Read More
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Latest News & Events

Wet Land Clean Up Sept 20th 4pm

Garden Tours and Tastings Starting June 16th

Join us this summer for tours of Creekside Harmony Educational Garden during our open houses and enjoy samples of the great foods made from the bounty of the garden while you're visiting. We will be hosting tours and tastings in June on Thurs the 16th and Thurs the 23rd from 10-11am. For more details or find us on Facebook.

Creekside Harmony Garden Summer Camp

Join us for a week of fun and education to learn how science, math, and health all play a vital role in growing a garden and keeping your body healthy. The camp will be held at Creekside Harmony Garden on the UNI campus. Check out the link for more details and to register for the camp! CREEKSIDE HARMONY GARDEN REGISTRATION

Earth Week 2016

Earth week is over! To see picture from the week please click here.

Partnership Opportunity

Have an idea for a sustainable initiative or project? Want to partner with the RRTTC? Click here for more information. 

RA Programs

Sign up for an RA Program with the RRTTC! We offer an opportunity for Resident Assistants and their houses to learn more about sustainability practices on campus and how students can be involved. We can also do an interactive activity for residents including DIY crafts! Photos from previous events can be found here. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss a program with our staff and click here for a complete list of activities for the RA program.

LENR:The Promise of Clean and Affordable Energy


           Intro                                       Part One

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            Part Two                                 Part Three

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             Part Four                                Part Five

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